Robes – Snag Tights EU


As a fat person there are loads of things we don’t get to take part in, stuff that just isn’t for us, and I never thought anything as simple as a beautiful robe would be one of those things. But it breaks some cardinal rules - we aren’t allowed luxurious fabrics and we aren’t allowed anything really beautiful. 

Having tried to buy a robe for many years I’d long given up, but when I fell pregnant with Hero, a robe was a top tip from all my friends that were mums already - you could wear it through your pregnancy, in hospital, and afterwards it was perfect for mum life. A little bit of luxury while the rest of your life is smelly messy chaos. I could not find one that fit. 

So while the wonderful Niki was designing the robe, I asked the incredible tattoo artist Sophie Bellingham to design the prints. She’s tattooed most of my body in a process that I’ve found so incredibly positive. Actively choosing what goes on your body is a massively cathartic process, as opposed to things like stretch marks and scars just happening to it. 

So here they are. Robes that really fit, made out of the most luxurious ethical fabric money can buy, designed to make you fall in love with your body again. Yes they are expensive. We work on a fixed margin, so this isn’t extra cash for our pockets. It’s gone into the sumptuous fabric so thick it drapes beautifully, so luminous the patterns practically shimmer, the absolute peak of luxury. For every damn body. Wear them all day, wear them in bed, round the house, outside as a duster coat, as a dress. Wear them every single day - we deserve it.

- Love Brie

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