How to Care for Your Tights to Help them Last Longer

How to Care for Your Tights to Help them Last Longer

Snag tights are designed to last wash after wash, but if you want to keep your pairs in the absolute best condition possible to keep them wearing like new every time, you can help them along by taking care of them properly.

Tights can be some of the most frequently worn pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, and understanding how best to wash them is so important to keep them in great shape.

How to hand wash tights

Officially, the best way to wash tights is by hand. Though Snag tights are made to be robust and strong, tights by their very design are thin and can be more delicate depending on the denier. Hand washing your tights gives a little extra care and stops the risk of them catching in the washing machine.

Step one: Fill up a bowl with lukewarm water - avoid using hot water as it can damage the stretch and affect the shape of the tights - and add a gentle laundry detergent or soap.

Step two: Turn your tights inside out (especially if they have a glitter design) and submerge them in the water, gently scrubbing with your hands on any stains or marks, as well as focusing on areas like the feet and crotch where bacteria is more likely to lurk. You can also leave them to soak in the water too.

Step three: Rinse the tights in cold water, repeating the process until there is no more soap residue.

How to machine wash your tights

Though the official line is handwash all the way, machine washing your tights is okay- as long as you take the right steps to make sure they don't catch or get damaged while washing.

Step one: Always put your tights in a washbag or similar (a pillowcase works great) to protect them from catching inside the drum as well as getting all tangled up with your other clothes and distorting them.

Step two: Throw them in the machine with gentle laundry detergent and be sure to select a cool wash - if your machine has a delicate setting that could be perfect.

How to dry your tights after washing

Once you have your tights looking squeaky clean, you need to get them dry, while still being careful not to damage them!

Never ever put your tights in the tumble dryer or expose them to any heat. Unfortunately it will degrade the stretch, which we don't want at all. The best way is to roll your just washed tights in a towel to remove any excess moisture (don't wring them!!!) and then either hang them up to air dry or shape and lay flat until they're completely dry.

Once dry, roll up or fold your tights and store it in a drawer to keep them safe and sound until you next wear them.

Top Tips

Tights care top tips:

  • Always wash your tights before first wear to get rid of any left over dye residue
  • Apply moisturizer before wear to hydrate skin and prevent snags.
  • Some people thing putting tights in the freezer can help them to be stronger - read more about that here!
  • Make sure to wash with similar colours just in case the dye runs.
  • You don't actually need to wash your tights that often, washing them every few wears is absolutely fine.
  • Rotate your tights and avoid wearing the same pair of tights multiple days in a row, give them time to rest and recover.


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