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How to put on and take off fishnets tights without ripping or tangling [with video!]

Have you ever struggled to put on fishnet tights? Do you end up a tangled mess with no clue how to fix it? Here's the solution - just take your time!

How to easily put on fishnet tights

To put on your fishnet tights without any ripping, tangling or snagging you just have to have patience and follow these simple steps:

1. Gather one of the legs in your hands, bunching them up all the way down to the toe.

2. Pop them over your toes and very slowly unroll them up your legs, adjusting the tights gently when you need to. Once you get over your knee, stop and repeat this step for your other leg.

3. Stand up and slowly pull the tights up the rest of your legs. Gently pinch and work the fishnets up your legs from lower down if needed, giving you more material at the top. Once the waistband is where you like it and you feel comfortable, you're done and look FABULOUS!

Top tip!

When you take your fishnets out of the packet you might think they look too small and won't fit you - they absolutely will!!! Snag fishnets are very stretchy so with a bit of careful adjusting they'll fit any pair of legs!

Taking off your fishnets

To take off your fishnet tights without any tangling, simply:

1. Slide your waistband down and gently pull your tights down your thighs.

2. Once you're above your knees pull carefully from your toes to avoid any tangling. You can keep shimmying material down from the top of your legs if you need to, but they should come off in one smooth motion!

3. Fold or roll your tights to store so they're easy to pop on next time you want to wear them!

Need more help?!

Watch this video tutorial that shows you exactly how to put on and take off your fishnets without any ripping or tangling!



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