Trending Knitwear: The Best Jumpers for Winter

Trending Knitwear: The Best Jumpers for Winter

Winter is coming... so that means its jumper time! Cosy knitwear is a seasonal staple to get you through the chilly weather and can be dressed up or down to suit any style.

Are jumpers in fashion?

Knitted jumpers never really go out of style. As soon as there is the slightest of chills in the air, we're whipping out the knits to get our cosy on. There's just something that hits different about being cuddled up on the sofa in the biggest, comfiest jumper you own, and this year is no different. Sweater weather is absolutely upon us, but what jumpers are in fashion in 2023?

Its all about oversized jumpers this year, the slouchier the better, with staying warm while looking cool being the name of the game. Whether its a chunky knit or a sleek sweater, jumpers are ridiculously easy to style. We decided to make our own this year, and have launched two epically cute designs ready for your winter fits.

What makes Snag Jumpers Special?

Finding the perfect snuggly jumper can be a huge challenge. They never seem to fit properly, if at all, and when you can find something that fits you they can be ill-fitting with sizing all over the place, and poor quality so they don't last long. That's of course if you can find something you like in your size, if you're bigger you're usually left with the drab and dreary offerings brands like to designate to plus size collections.

So with all this in mind, we took jumpers back to the drawing board and have created Snags version - comfort and style all wrapped up in the cosiest true knit design. These jumpers are made from 100% acrylic yarn making them super cosy, vegan but without itching. With an oversized fit, crew neck and drop shoulder sleeves, these jumpers are perfect for getting cosy while still looking ultra chic. They're log enough to cover your bum, and a ribbed hem and cute side splits add the finishing touches.

If that wasn't enough, Snag jumpers are all designed to actually fit. Trialled and tested on a range of body shapes and sizes, these jumpers look good on every body.

How to style Snag Jumpers

Snag knitted jumpers come in two epic designs, meaning there's something for everyone no matter your style. Whether you're into the fun and vibrant vibes of Fruity, or want to keep things dark and mysterious with Mystic, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a killer outfit.

Starting with Mystic, for a go-to casual look you would wear with your favourite pair of black jeans - the more rips the better! For something a little more dressy, why not wear it with a black mini skirt, fishnet tights and some chunky boots for a look that's sure to make you feel amazing.

For Fruity, colour is definitely the name of the game. Wear it over a white blouse with blue jeans for something cute and preppy, or a skirt in a coordinating colour like red or green with some super cute tights would be epic! You could even pair with our juicy tights for a strawberry extravaganza, or wear with any of our gorgeous pink shades for something matching and adorable.

How do you make an oversized sweater cute?

If you're worried about your jumper being too oversized and chunky to look chic, then you've definitely got a few things to learn!

A tried and tested way to add an instant layer of elevation to your jumper is simply by tucking it in. You may remember a few years ago everyone going crazy for the "french tuck" on Queer Eye - but honestly it works. Tuck the front of your jumper into your bottoms, or even tuck it in the whole way round to look instantly styled and put together! It helps to really play with proportions too, and have a more fitted or tailored bottom to contrast with the oversized top. Pencil skirts are a particular favourite for this, as they really add to the classic vibes.

For an extra tip, layering your jumper is another easy way to style for when you want to look a bit more put together. Shirts with collars that can peep out underneath your jumper are always a cute option, or throw a denim jacket over it to complete the look.

There really are no rules when it comes to styling a jumper. Whether you're just wearing it to star warm around the house or dressing it up to hit the town - you know you'll be comfy and cosy while looking stunning and stylish.


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