About Me - Snag Bra

Since we started making tights we’ve had requests to make bras. It wasn’t easy!

To make something better than what’s currently available, we had to totally rethink what bras are. We went through dozens and dozens of iterations, while we learned what was important and what wasn’t.

We came up with this:

  • Cup sizes are confusing and don’t really work well
  • Underwires are uncomfortable and don’t last
  • Straps tend to fall off shoulders so you lose support completely
  • Rigidity in bras is restrictive to movement

The aim was something soft and comfortable, but with more support than a stretchy bralette, way more projection than a sports bra, and ridiculously more comfortable than an underwired bra.

What Is The Snag Bra?

We used an incredible ribbed dense stretchy fabric that provides a huge amount of support with comfort and movement, and gave this an extra punch with mesh over the bust. This means you get a cup that stretches rather than having to be a fixed size, so instead of a ridiculous number of unexplainable cup sizes you have just two; regular and full. It also means you have all the support of an underwire bra with no underwire. We use a comfortable but very supportive under-band made with a less flexible but soft stretch fabric so you get all the projection you could possibly want. We made adjustable straps and moved them closer together so they don’t fall down. So in total you have a supportive bra, with great projection and ridiculously levels of comfort, that doesn’t need adjusting all day.

Which is the right bra for me?

We have 9 back sizes just pick the one that corresponds to the size you normally wear on your top half for a fitted look (if you normally size up for a oversized look don’t do that here)

If your breasts feel big for your size, you’ve ever been called busty, you’ve had to buy bras from specialist providers or ranges, shirts pop open on you, then go for the full cup.

If you don’t have these problems go for the regular cup.

Now, if you are a kinda in the middle size you can go for regular if you want a bit of extra cleavage or full for a more streamlined look.

But I find all my existing bras really comfortable.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This product is really for people who’ve struggled being truly comfortable in a bra.

Can You Help Me Find The Right Size Bra?

Definitely! Please email us: fitting@snagtights.com with a picture in your best fitting bra and we’ll get back to you with our recommended size.

Where can I give you feedback on this product?

Our special feedback form - click here or please email design@snagtights.com