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Tired of bras that don't fit, feel uncomfortable, or simply don't make sense? We hear you.

  • Sizes that actually fit. Forget those archaic cup sizes from the 1930s. We've created a size range that truly reflects the diversity of real bodies.

  • Comfort that's not a myth. Experience the joy of soft, stretchy fabrics that hug your curves without digging or pinching. Say goodbye to underwire torture!

  • Support that slays. Who says comfort can't be fierce? Our bras offer the perfect balance of support and freedom, so you can wear anything with confidence.

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Reviews for Snag Bras

Best bras I've bought!

After much deliberation because I was in-between two bra sizes I opted for the smaller size. I bought three different colours. They're a great fit. I have the straps on full length and the use the fullest size hook and eye closure, so there's lots of adjustable if there's any stretch. Since then I ordered three more bras.

— Alison

Highly recommend this brand.

Sizing is perfect just get your tape measure and follow the size chart.

I purchased a dress and a bra, both well made good quality items and comfortable to wear.

— Frances

New Snag Bra

I just bought the new snag bra. I ordered the wrong size but was able to change it straight away: great customer service: quick, efficient and friendly.

The bra is amazing. It’s really supportive but also super comfortable. You almost forget you’re wearing it!

— Charis

I'm a convert!

Normally a 34G, the full bra 4 is just brilliant, soft yet supportive, I’m a convert. Thank you Snag!

— Zoe

The BEST tights and bra I have ever…

The BEST tights and bra I have ever bought. Lovely material, great sizing, a joy to wear. Thanks Snag!

— Hazel

Received the most comfy bra ever!!

Perfect for those days when your normal bra is 2 times too small 🤪 excellent support yet able to breathe and no wires!!

— Guest

Snag's Bra Sizing Made Easy

Traditional bra sizes? They're the worst. We've all dealt with spillage, pinching, and endless frustration. That's why we created a personalised fit system based on extensive research and real-body fittings.

It may take a few extra minutes to find your perfect match, but the payoff is worth it: a bra that feels like it was made just for you.

How to find out my size?

To find your perfect Snag Bra size, you'll need to measure your UNDERBUST and BUST AT FULLEST. Grab a long tape measure (like the kind used for dressmaking) and a comfortable, unpadded bra.

Watch our sizing video for a step-by-step guide. Once you have your measurements, use our calculator to find your size.

Still not sure? Email with a picture in your best fitting bra as well as your measurements and our team will help you find the best fit!

How to take my under bust measurement?

Wrap your measuring tape around your body underneath your boobs at the base of the breast tissue. You may need to lift your boobs up and out of the way in order to get the best measurement.

Keep the tape measure level all the way around - you may need someone to help you or try standing in front of a mirror so you can check that everything is level. You want the tape to fit snugly against your body, but not digging in or too tight.

How to take my bust at fullest measurement?

Wrap your measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your bust - essentially the widest part of your boobs where they stick out the most.

Like before, try and keep the tape measure as level as possible, keeping it snug but not so tight that it digs in or squeezes your boobs.

How do I figure out my bra cup size?

Our regular cups have been designed to accommodate smaller bust to under band ratios. Our full cups have been designed to accommodate larger bust to under band ratios.

If your breasts feel big for your size, you’ve ever been called busty, you’ve had to buy bras from specialist providers or ranges, shirts pop open on you, then go for the full cup. If you don’t have these problems go for the regular cup.

If you are looking for a light support lounge bra with a focus on comfort, size up (e.g. from Size 6 to Size 7). Or, if you are looking for greater lift and firm support, size down (e.g. from Size 6 to Size 5). 


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