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Chub Rub Shorts

☀️ Chub Rub Shorts☀️

Thigh chafing sucks. So we fixed it. Gels, creams, bands, we've tried them all. 

Nothing is as easy, comfy and luxurious as our Chub Rub Shorts! Your thighs will thank you!

Light and Breezy

Our shorts are made from the same base material as our tights so you get exactly the same fit and comfort that you'd expect from Snag. Then we add some extra magic to help keep you dry and cool, even when the weather heats up.

Fruit Salad Collection

Cute in Capris

Need something a little bit longer? Capri tights are perfect! Made from exactly the same material as the shorts, they are comfortable, cooling and versatile. Show off your legs in style AND banish chub rub.

In classic colours, to fit sizes 32-64.

Pedal Pushers

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