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Lightweight, stretchy, zero itch, no rolling down or digging in and last wash after wash, Snag Merino Tights are the perfect choice all winter. Hiking, jogging or getting comfy, these are your go to tights.

Completely breathable and moisture wicking, wool tights will keep you warm without overheating, totally durable for the roughest terrain and are so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them. Perfect for any gender, size and body shape, Snag wool tights are THE alternative to leggings on your next hike, run or cycle.

Are tights good for hiking?

Merino wool tights are amazing for hiking due to their moisture wicking properties that keep you dry and sweat-free no matter the activity.

They're also naturally anti-bacterial and odour-resistant, so you stay fresh all hike long. They're durable and will keep their shape, and super flexible so you won't feel restricted whether you're running or ambling.

Of course, they keep you warm too, and are great for any outdoor activity under shorts or as a base layer.

How can you style wool tights?

Snag Merino wool tights tick all boxes in both fashion and functionality, and keep you warm while looking hot! Your options are endless wen it comes to styling them, read our blog post to find more styling advice for our merino tights!

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Does Merino wool make you sweat?

Merino wool is nature's wonder fabric. Unlike synthetics, which can often leave you feeling clammy and damp, Merino wool has moisture-wicking properties. Instead of trapping sweat, it helps transport it away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. The result? You remain comfortably dry, even during the most strenuous activities. 

Need a wool alternative?

For a great alternative to merino wool, check our our other natural fibre tights that are just as warm, breathable and moisture wicking

Whether you're hitting the trails or just on a stroll...

Snag Merino Wool Tights are here to keep you warm and comfortable all activity long. For hiking, running, cycling or walking, there's no better base layer for breathability, durability or moisture-wicking when you're outdoors

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