30 Denier Sheer Tights - Liquorice

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Yay!! Finally. Our new improved sheers! We listened very carefully to your feedback on our first go at sheers, and it was clear while they fitted well, you wanted them to hug the body and snap back into shape, last longer, be resistant to laddering and stop chub rub. 

So Sheers 2.0 has all of that!! We’ve made them slightly denser, added in loads of elastane for snap back and stretch, changed the knitting stitch to stop ladders and beefed up the anti-chub rub properties. AND added in an even comfier stay put waistband. These are absolutely gorgeous - not particularly delicate and will last well through multiple wears. To top it all off they are also naturally breathable and moisture wicking to keep you cool and fresh all summer. Just don’t put your nail through them - that’s the one thing we can’t fix.30 denier tights are delicate - this is just because the yarn that makes them is soooo much thinner to allow you to see through them. We've made them as strong as we can but delicate they will always be. 

The colour is a nearly black and will suit all skin tones. 

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      CARE: The official instructions are to hand wash your Snags and gently squeeze dry. But if you're too busy to individually hand wash your tights we find they are fine in a 40 degree wash inside a pillow case or lingerie bag. Always squeeze dry and avoid direct heat because it degrades the stretch.